who are we?

Angel Wing’s Children is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that aims to advocate for palliative care and palliative care centers around the globe. We partner with the Beijing Pediatric Palliative Care Center. Located across the street from the Beijing Children’s Hospital, they conveniently serve as a day-time activity center for children with serious blood or cancer related conditions.

Mission Statement

Angel Wing's Children’s mission is to provide a level of comfort and care for children who are experiencing long-term medical treatment. We aim to provide a safe environment for kids to learn, collaborate, explore, and grow.


This is a video in which volunteers and workers at the palliative care center talk about their experiences. We highly recommend watching it to get a better understanding of what goes on for the kids.

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Written by our youth volunteers, learn more about their experiences and palliative care

Learn more about Angel’s Wings Children in the news.

Photo Album

Here are some pictures taken by workers and volunteers at the center.