From Mind to Paper: the Beautiful Imagination of Children

On September 7th, the German Hahnemühle Paper Company teamed up with the Beijing Children’s Palliative Care Center to hold a painting class. They provided the children with high-quality watercolor paper, paints, and  brushes. Mrs. Anne, the teacher that led the class, was thoughtful and patient as she worked with the children.

Under the guidance of Mrs. Anne, the children began to explore the world of watercolors. For some, it was their first time playing with them, and they were astonished by the sensational changes the paintbrushes, dipped in paint, made on the paper. Others were already familiar with watercolors, but were still delighted by the rich colors and smooth paint.

Although the children had PICC lines in their arms for their medications, they weren’t troubled by them; their creativity was something that nothing could fetter nor limit. 


Some of the children painted decisively and boldly. Others were careful and cautious, thinking every time before adding a new stroke of paint. Each child’s unique personality shined through not only their finished artwork, but also their process of completing the painting. Some were quick and determined, while others took their time and strove for excellence. Painting has a calming, healing effect: after picking up their paint brushes, the children entered a new world. A quiet, beautiful, spiritual world.

The painting class uplifted both the children’s moods and their confidence. Every piece of art they created, despite it being their first time painting, looked like works of wonder. The kids were all ecstatic with their final results and couldn’t wait to show others what they had created.

Here is some of their artwork: 


PS: All the materials provided by the Hahnemühle Paper Company were left at the center for the children to continue using. We can’t wait to see how else the children will express their imagination on paper!