The 2022 Team

Anlin Hou

executive Director, writer, Editor

Anlin is a rising senior at Kent School in Connecticut. He has an interest in medicine and a passion for helping others. At Kent, he plays hockey and lacrosse and loves hanging out in the Biology classroom. He was approached to help lead a new 2022 team and is excited to work with his colleagues and further the cause of AWC.

Margaret Yemington

Director of Outreach

Margaret is a rising senior at Kent School in Connecticut. She is captain of the softball team and a humanities fanatic with an odd affinity for Ancient Greek. She always enjoys meeting new people and learning new things. As the Director of Outreach, she wants to connect with others who share AWC’s vision and support Daisy’s Home and other pediatric palliative care centers around the world.

Fionnoula Collins

Director of art and design

Fionnoula is a rising highschool senior at Kent School. She enjoys musical theater, fashion design, and hanging out with her three dogs.  She hopes to assist the AWC mission by creating designs to spread awareness about palliative care.

Anqi Hou

Secretary, Writer, Editor

Anqi is a rising junior at Kent School. She likes to dance, skate, and play the piano and flute in her spare time. She hopes to pursue a career in the medical field one day. Her goal is to help and grow this project so more people may know of AWC.


Dora Gao

Writer, Translator

Dora is a Rising Senior attending Kent School in Kent, Connecticut. She was deeply involved in the medical club in her old school and is interested in helping and medical care for children ever since. In her spare time, she likes to read, write, especially short stories and poetry, and plays golf. Dora is involved by being a writer, translator, and will facilitate  information and relationships on the Chinese side of AWC.


Janet Wu

Director of Social Media, ACCOUNTANT, Writer

Janet is a rising sophomore at Kent School. She is passionate about art, singing, and piano. Her interest in communicating with people has made her empathetic and able to relate to other people’s feelings. She is also a bilingual speaker, able to speak in both fluent Chinese and English, allowing her to communicate with a diverse group of people. She wants to raise awareness about palliative care and hopes to further AWC’s mission.

Lily Wang

Artist, Writer

Lily is a rising junior at Kent School in Connecticut. In her free time, she loves drawing, reading, playing volleyball, softball, online games, and watching shows with her friends. She is looking forward to contributing to AWC by offering her creative assistance towards projects or pursuing tasks in hopes of creating a lasting impact.

Braeden McCabe


Braeden McCabe is a rising senior at Kent School in Kent, Connecticut. Along with being captain of the varsity soccer team at Kent, he also plays hockey and plays clarinet in various music ensembles. Braeden’s main passion is filmmaking. His goal for this project is to bring attention to the cause through engaging, educational, and powerful videos.