Under Their Angel Wings

The Beijing Children’s Palliative Care Center has two divisions: Angels Wings, which serves as an activity center, and Daisy’s Home, which serves as a hospice. 

The activity center is a crucial component of the Beijing Children’s Palliative Care Center. It allows children with terminal illnesses to be able to come together to socialize, learn, be themselves, and just be kids. While participating in the center’s recreational events, they can forget about their dreary hospital room for a little bit. In the warm, safe space of the center, they can make friends with others and form lasting connections, something they may not be able to do with other peers their age in the hospital. Moreover, the Angels Wings Activity Center is one of the only places where these children can actually learn: the center hosts activities every day to teach different topics and subjects. As every child is entitled to an appropriate education, the center has an extremely powerful impact on the children it serves.

Angels Wings also teaches parents about palliative care while their kids play. After knowing that their kids are having fun, and understanding the proper information, parents may be able to ease their own stress levels. The center helps alleviate the pain parents feel after seeing the physical and emotional suffering their child may go through everyday. As both children and parents understand that they are not alone in their seemingly scary journey, they may finally breathe freely again.


Not to mention, the Angels Wings Activity Center is completely free. The center only has one goal: to improve the quality of life for the child and their family. It understands the sheer amount of stress and suffering that they feel, and doesn’t want to add to it by putting more financial burdens on their shoulders. Instead, they want to relieve that stress by providing a safe space for the children and their families. Due to this, parents travel to Beijing from all around China so that their child can receive the care and resources from both the center and the Beijing Children’s Hospital. Additionally, because Angels Wings is located right outside the hospital, moving to and from the hospital is very convenient.

Angels Wings truly brings happiness to the children that come through its doors each day. The kids arrive at the center excited to learn, talk to their friends, and grow. Beyond this, though, the kids arrive ready to live in the present and enjoy the moment. To ensure this, the center strives to help children forget about their conditions and put smiles on their faces.