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Want to know more about palliative care and the activities we’ve done with the children? Click the icons to follow our active social medias: Facebook and Instagram. Sometimes we post informative contents so that more people will know about palliative care, including what it is and it is very important. Other times, we post pictures of the center, showing everyone the welcoming environment that allow kids to relax and enjoy their activities. But most of the times, we post activities we did with the children, like teaching them songs, painting with them, teaching them about the Chinese culture, and much more.

We need your help and every donation counts!! 100% of the donations go to the center for them to keep it running, like paying rents or buying materials for the children. Because we are a non-profit organization, the only source of economic support is from public donations and fundraisers, so we really need you to help us. Even small donations mean a lot to us. Two methods of donations are available so far, which are PayPal for USD and WeChat Pay for Chinese Yuan (RMB).